About Africa Center for Development Communication (ACDC)


Africa Center for Development Communication (ACDC) is a Training and Consultancy firm that supports non-profits to communicate strategically for Social Change. Indeed, we walk alongside our clients to ensure they have the right strategy that brings change. We listen, counsel and implement.


The company has built a collaborative team of the industry's most talented professionals drawn from media companies, non-profit organizations and the private Sector.


Our tailored training programs offer strategy and skills-building sessions that strengthen the participants’ communications expertise. Each training is custom made to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our training programs offer help to non-profit executives and non-profit organizations and other foundation staff.


We offer strategic communication support to organisations whose goals are to effect social, political and economic change in Africa. Our programs are headed by the best team for each project or client. We focus on areas, such as Health, Agriculture, Environment & Climate change, Nutrition, Education, Water and Sanitation.

Why your non profit would ben­e­fit from us:

  •  We are client focused:  Our team recog­nises that one size can­not fit all… that’s why we offer a team of staff with rel­e­vant exper­tise to offer client spe­cific solu­tions.  We find out what your objec­tives are and then cre­ate a tai­lored pack­age of ser­vices that deliver your goals.
  •  We lis­ten to your audi­ence:  Our team offers solu­tions and strate­gies that res­onate with the needs of the clients’ tar­get audi­ence.  We there­fore lay empha­sis on formal/informal research to estab­lish the prob­lem, the objec­tives, mes­sages, and rel­e­vant tools and tac­tics for dif­fer­ent audiences.
  •  We  sup­port grass roots com­mu­nity and pol­icy level inter­ven­tions:  Our team is spe­cialised in cam­paigns for behav­iour change, advo­cacy, com­mu­nity mobil­i­sa­tion, aware­ness and adop­tion of new technologies.