• Start: June 26, 2018 5:00 pm
  • End: June 27, 2018 6:00 pm

VENUE: Four Points By Sheraton,,

Session I: Strategic Media Relations
Your audiences’ perceptions of your work or services are strongly shaped by the media. Therefore, it is crucial to build a positive relationship with journalists to achieve more informed, positive reporting about your work. It may also help you have more influence over the way bad news are reported. ACDC training focuses on creating a smart, targeted media relations plan that effectively tells an organization's story, while maintaining brand visible.
Session II: Executive Media Skills Training and Coaching
Using a problem  based interactive  methodology  the media training facilitators'  help participants focus on strategically interacting with the media to advocate and promote particular development issues and activities. At the same time, participants learn to tailor their messages to the specific needs of international and local media and the audiences they are trying to reach.

  • Develop fresh story ideas and key messages
  • Create a Media Strategy
  • Organize media events like: press conferences, media briefings, field visits
  • Write for media: features, opinion editorials, fact sheets, press releases
  • Produce and distribute Video News Releases (VNR) for electronic media
  • Identify and develop relationships with writers, editors and media outlets that can help spread their message
  • Prepare for opposition messages and identify and prepare key spokesperson for the media interview
  • Manage media interviews by:

o Responding to tough or unexpected questions

o Maintaining control of the interview

o Using body language effectively


Session 1:
Press Officers, Communication Officers, Public Relations Officers and others who are responsible for publicity and media relations
This workshop is interactive with a great emphasis on sharing best practices supported by examples.   It includes a combination of plenary sessions, classroom instruction, panel discussions, group presentations, video presentations and practical skills transfer of social media skills.
The media skills coaching: Our fully equipped multi-media enabled training sessions enhances feedback on the live interviews conducted by TV, radio and print media journalists who critique participants’ performance, providing tips as we go for how to create a stronger impact.
Overall, the workshop provides a networking platform for communications’ specialists to explore new media and exchange ideas on best practices. To enrich the program, facilitators and practitioners are drawn from different countries.
Our company is distinguished by the quality of its faculty: men and women who are not just skilled platform speakers but have previously worked in Non- profit organizations. These practitioners bring their distinctive insights, practical experiences and illuminating personal anecdotes to the seminar sessions they lead. Furthermore, practicing journalists from both local and international media are available to coach individuals and groups during and after the training.
Registration Fees of 50,000Ksh excl 16% VAT per delegate covers welcome cocktail party, workshop, workshop materials, lunches and refreshments on each day of the workshop.