• Start: March 22, 2018 8:00 am
  • End: March 23, 2018 6:30 pm
  • Speakers: Stella Kihara

VENUE: Gracia Gardens Denis Pritt Road,
Price: $Tuition fee is 35,000Ksh. The fee includes: tuition, course materials, 2 teas and lunches.

Whether you are a ‘pro’; a fresh graduate on a new job or in mid-career – you will need to improve on the art of writing to effectively engage your audience. You will need to bring creativity to your professional documents.
The Clinic is tailored for you if you:

  •  Want to strengthen your confidence in your writing skills
  • Are looking for a mentor who can give you one-on-one support
  • Are an experienced writer who needs a refresher course
  • Are a fresh graduate/or new to an appointment that requires professional writing skills
  •  Long to network with peers in your industry to appreciate emerging celebrated writing styles
  •  Wish to build skills to write documents that are succinct and concise and engage your audiences  

We are providing a platform for you to engage with professionals on a one-to-one basis on the practical challenges and opportunities you encounter in your professional writing. You will bring along your written work from your practice and engage both peers (optional) and experts – to produce immediate and practical results.
Expert facilitators will lead the following parallel workshops from which participants will choose to attend:

Digital/online writing – e.g. blogs

Producing effective reports and proposals


Writing for PR –

  • Media writing – press releases, elevator speeches, opinion editorials, media pitch
  • Speech
  • Policy brief

Documenting stories of impact/Human interest stories



  • Message design
  •  Multi-media to enrich content: infographics, video and visuals
  • Practical tips with photographer and designed
    The workshop is open to any not-for-profit or business professional desiring to improve his/her writing skills.

This workshop is interactive with a great emphasis on sharing best practices supported by examples. It includes a combination of plenary sessions, classroom instruction, panel discussions, group presentations and practical skills transfer of effective writing skills.
Our company is distinguished by the quality of its faculty-men and women who are not just skilled platform speakers but have previously worked in Non- profit organizations.
These practitioners bring their distinctive insights, practical experiences and illuminating personal anecdotes to the seminar sessions they lead. Furthermore, other practicing Communication Specialists are available to coach individuals and groups during and after the training.
Commuting Participants:
Tuition fee is 35,000Ksh. The fee includes: tuition, course materials, 2 teas and lunches.
Boarding Participants:
Accommodation is paid directly to your hotel of choice. Our staff will assist to book accommodation on request.
Payment of Fees
Bank Transfer – send an email to  training@acdc.co.ke/info@acdc.co.ke for details
Participants are advised to make their own arrangement for Visa early. If you need a letter of invitation, please write to  training@acdc.co.ke/info@acdc.co.ke
The deadline for registration is November 9, 2017