An effective communication strategy will position your organization and its issues above others. Our Strategic Communication Services include:
Communication Research/Needs Assessment
Eff­ective communication relies on a two-way flow of information; therefore, stakeholder views need to keep informing the strategy, giving it life and vibrancy. We carry out elaborate communication research and communication audits or simple rapid appraisals to understand the audience needs. Some of these include: KAP studies, participatory rural communication appraisals (PRCA), Communication Audits, Stakeholder Mapping, among others.
We develop long term Strategies to support organizational goals:

  • Media Campaign strategies
  • PR/Corporate
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Behavior Change Communication
  • Resource Mobilization/Fundraising
  • Advocacy strategies

We walk alongside clients as they deal with challenging issues that need communication counsel. If you need to sound off your communication ideas, messages, and plans – our team is on call to listen and counsel.

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We write and document success stories - an important marketing tool that provides readers with real-life experiences. The ACDC team travels to tough terrain to find the story that demonstrates our clients’ work. Your organization will receive support from a team of the content developer, photographer and videographer.


We provide a one-stop production service to unburden our clients from the hussle of producing publications. Our team consists of science/technical writers, editors, journalists, photographers, designers, cartoonists, who assist clients to write and produce Information, Education and Communication materials (IEC). If need be they translate technical information for non-technical audiences. 
We deliver camera ready:

  • Policy briefs
  • Stories from the field documented in various formats
  • Case Studies
  • Popular publications
  • Newsletters
  • Reports – e.g. Annual reports
  • Handbooks
  • Posters/calendars/banners/booklets/ brochures
  • Content pieces such as feature stories, in-depth profiles



A well-coordinated event is a great way to create visibility for your cause. The event can help generate awareness, policy change and support of what you are campaign for. Our team has extensive experience managing both large and small events – like conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops- among others.
Our event planning services include:

  • Identifying the event goal, strategy, audience and key message
  • Speaker and Moderator Management. We produce the session materials and ensure sessions are well coordinated, coordinate speaker logistics including contracts, schedules and support speakers on sight. coordinate speaker logistics with ease.
  • Media outreach – we utilize our media skills to attract attention to your event. We manage the media on sight and moderate the press conference and one on one media interviews
  • We draft talking points and press releases
  • We help evaluate the success of the event
  • We coordinate the rapporteurs



For us at ACDC, it is not just about sending out press releases but forging relationships between our clients and the right journalists in their sector. We tap into our large database of reporters and editors to create visibility for issues development. Our team writes ‘selling’ press releases and delivers them to print and broadcast newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, web sites, content syndicators and search engines that reach your target audiences.
Media Services include:

  • Writing and distributing media materials e.g. Press releases, features, opinion editorials, fact sheets
  • Producing Video News Releases (VNR)
  • Organizing media events like: Media field visits, Press conferences & Media briefings and Round-tables
  • Training journalists to report our clients’ issues objectively


More and more as we work in the area of development communication – we have sensed the need to empower communities so their VOICES are heard. We are committed to building, strengthening and developing grass-roots organizations for impactful advocacy.

Our Advocacy services include:

  • Training grassroots organizations in advocacy skills
  • Creating strategies and advocacy plans and messages
  • Engaging policy makers and champions
  • Developing advocacy materials
  • Engaging the media on the advocacy issues