Advocacy and Public Policy Communication

This course focuses on equipping nonprofit staff with the skills necessary to effectively advocate for their organization’s mission and influence public policy. Participants will learn techniques for communicating with policymakers, crafting persuasive messages, conducting successful advocacy campaigns, and mobilizing stakeholders to support their cause.

What you will learn:

Introduction to Advocacy and Public Policy:

  • Understanding the role of advocacy and public policy in nonprofit organizations
  • Exploring the importance of advocacy for achieving social change and policy impact
  • Recognizing the opportunities and challenges in advocating for nonprofit causes
  • Policy Landscape and Analysis
  • Identifying key stakeholders, policies, and influencers
  • Understanding the policymaking process and identifying entry points for advocacy efforts
  • Developing Advocacy Strategies – goals & objectives
  • Crafting persuasive messages

Tailoring messages to resonate with different stakeholders and decision-makers

  • Using evidence and storytelling techniques to support advocacy messages


Building and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders, including policymakers, community leaders, and coalition partners

  • Cultivating partnerships and alliances to amplify advocacy efforts
  • Mobilizing and empowering supporters and community members to advocate for the cause

Utilizing various communication channels effectively, such as social media, traditional media, public speaking, and digital platforms

  • Developing advocacy materials, including policy briefs, fact sheets, and toolkits
  • Implementing effective advocacy campaigns, including grassroots organizing, online petitions, and lobbying strategies
  • Ethical Considerations and Legal Constraints:

Draft Policy Brief Sample