Boosting Grantee Strategic Communication

Some Nonprofits in Africa are struggling to be heard, yet being loud doesn’t mean they will be heard! It’s being strategic and smart about how to package their messages to resonate with their specific stakeholders; it’s about separating their brands from all others.

Many Foundations are now looking for ways to transform the nonprofits they support by building their staff communication capacity. ACDC is dedicated to helping such Foundations and non-profits harness the power of communication in bringing social change as they communicate with their funders, beneficiaries, the policy makers, and other stakeholders who are important to the success of their programs.

ACDC boosts grantee communications capacity by building the following skills:

  • Strategic communication planning
  • Setting clear communication objectives
  • Identifying audiences
  • Crafting clear, compelling messages that resonates with each audience
  • Communicating what the program of organisation does in 2 minutes (elevator speech)
  • Designing powerful point presentations that are compelling
  • Presentation/public speaking skills
  • Engaging policy makers
  • Earning media coverage – includes media skills coaching
  • Leveraging social media

Foundations can support grantees for ACDC’s regular Workshops that feature:

  • Hands-on, in-person workshops on strategic communication planning; messaging; powerpoint and presentations skills; strategic media relations and media skills coaching; digital media; documentation and Learning; and more;
  • Participants meet top communicators in the field of development communication
  • Our workshops are very interactive and provide an opportunity to network and share experiences with those in the same field across the region
  • ACDC offers one-on-one coaching sessions to ensure skills learnt at the workshop are actually useful on the ground and success is tracked