Strategic Communication

At ACDC, we are dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations to effectively convey their mission, engage stakeholders, and drive positive social change. We do so by developing and implementing strategic communication plans that are aligned to their organizational and program objectives. Here are some examples of the strategies and campaigns we develop:

Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC)

We develop targeted SBCC strategies to bring about behavior change and promote positive social outcomes. Our expertise lies in conducting research, understanding audiences, developing impactful messages, and evaluating campaign effectiveness.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of community involvement. Our strategies focus on fostering meaningful interactions, collaboration, and participation among community members. This includes organizing community events, workshops, and utilizing online platforms for engaging discussions.

Grassroots and Policy Advocacy Communication

We support non-profits in advocating for policy changes and creating grassroots movements. Our strategies encompass effective communication techniques to mobilize supporters, influence decision-makers, and drive social impact.

Fundraising and Donor Communication

We understand the importance of fundraising for non-profit organizations. Our strategies help convey your organization’s impact, needs, and opportunities for support. We develop comprehensive fundraising communication plans, including donor segmentation, personalized communication, campaigns, storytelling, and impact reporting.

Stakeholder Engagement and Media Relations

Engaging stakeholders and maintaining positive media relations are crucial for non-profits. We develop strategies that identify key stakeholders, determine their needs and interests, and outline effective communication approaches. Our expertise includes media outreach, press relations, and targeted outreach to engage stakeholders effectively.

Strategy development process

At ACDC, we specialize in developing comprehensive strategies that drive lasting impact. Our evidence-based approach combines research, audience understanding, message development, and campaign evaluation. With expertise from diverse disciplines, we create tailored strategies to achieve behavior change goals and create positive social impact.

Our Process

Whatever strategy we are developing, ACDC follows the steps below:

  • Formative Research

We conduct in-depth research to understand the behavior and its influencing factors. This includes reviewing literature, analyzing data, and qualitative methods like interviews and focus groups. Insights gained lay the foundation for strategy development.

  • Audience Segmentation

Based on research findings, we segment the target audience into distinct groups. Each segment shares characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors related to the behavior change. We identify key demographics, motivations, and barriers, allowing tailored messaging for maximum effectiveness.

  • Message Development

Our communication specialists collaborate with behavior change experts to develop persuasive messages. Messages are evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and tailored to audience preferences. Behavior change theories and techniques ensure effective communication of benefits and address relevant barriers.

  • Campaign Planning and Implementation

We design a comprehensive communication plan, including channels, tactics, and activities to engage the target audience. Channels like social media, traditional media, and community engagement are selected based on audience preferences. Creative materials align with chosen channels and resonate with the audience.

  • Campaign Evaluation

Evaluation is critical in measuring campaign effectiveness. We implement robust evaluation frameworks with key performance indicators. Quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, such as surveys and interviews, provide insights on impact, reach, and behavioral outcomes.

Customization and Flexibility

ACDC excels in tailoring communication solutions to the unique needs and goals of non-profit organizations. With a flexible approach and a commitment to collaboration, we deliver customized strategies that align with your mission and values.

Our team listens attentively, working closely with you to understand your objectives and co-create personalized solutions. Whether you require a comprehensive strategy or support in specific areas, we’re here to help.

Choose ACDC for customized communication solutions that yield tangible results. Let’s work together to elevate your organization’s message, drive engagement, and create positive social impact.

Contact Us today to discuss how our expertise in Strategic Communication and Social Behavior Change Communication can help you achieve your behavior change goals and create positive social impact.