Powerful Presentation And Public Speaking Coaching

A “soft skills” training course covering Public speaking/Presentation skills, Communication skills including branding/messaging, and protocol and etiquette.

Overall Course Objective

  • Learn new approaches to communication whether for a group presentation, a speech, or an interview.
  • Understand the importance of designing effective messages.
  • Know how to manage your personal communication in terms of verbal, vocal, and visual messages that you transmit.
  • Learn how to tell and write stories to improve the impact of your communication.

Learning outcomes

After this course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of audience segmentation and how to maintain audience attention.
  • Give powerful public speeches and addresses with confidence and authority.
  • Prepare and deliver effective business presentations for important situations both in personal and business life.
  • Understand how to utilize both verbal and visual messages (body language) and personal appearance.
  • Use voice personality to their advantage- concentrate on pitch, pauses, clarity and breathing.
  • Speak across cultures.
  • Design effective messages and appeals.
  • Put a great presentation together.
  • Tell the organizational/personal stories effectively.
  • Utilize the mass media and other internal and external communication channels effectively to position the brand. These channels could include social media platforms, telephone, emails, face-to-face communication opportunities, group discussions, among others.
  • Develop effective PowerPoint presentations – Avoiding ‘death by power point!’