We are a Training and Consultancy firm that supports non-profits to communicate strategically for Social Change.  Indeed, we walk alongside our clients to ensure they have the right strategy that brings change.  We listen, counsel and implement.

In recognition that our clients need to deliver on their social profit goals and to use precious resources of time and money for maximum impact, our consultancy firm supports non-profits to communicate strategically with their constituents, for social change.

Our intent is to position communications as part of strategic decision making and planning, so it becomes an agent of social change. Indeed, communications is a strategic imperative in Africa that can help frame and shape public discussions and position organizations strategically, so they achieve their goals.

In short, our intention is to illuminate knowledge and practices that quantify communications as a strategic imperative – a practice that is well beyond the development of “products,” as important as they may be. We believe, like many others, that communications is a powerful tool, with a lot of potential to achieve positive social change

Our company’s pool of experts is its greatest resource and personnel are usually deployed to address specific needs of social change makers.  Our pool of media experts, strategic communication experts, researchers, policy & advocacy experts, writers, editors, digital strategists, brand experts work together to design and implement communication strategies for change