This course covers the fundamentals of media relations specifically tailored to non-profit organizations. Participants will learn how to effectively interact with the media, craft compelling press releases, conduct successful media campaigns, and enhance their organization’s public image.

Topics covered:

  • Media Engagement Strategies: Understanding how the media wors; learn effective techniques for engaging with journalists, building relationships, and maximizing media coverage for your organization.
  • Crafting Compelling Press Releases: Master the art of writing press releases that grab attention, communicate your message clearly, and increase the chances of media coverage.
  • Building a Media Contact Database: Discover strategies for building and maintaining a comprehensive database of media contacts, ensuring that you have the right connections to promote your organization effectively.
  • Crisis Communication and Media Relations: Prepare for and effectively manage crisis situations by understanding the crucial role of media relations in crisis communication. Learn how to navigate media interactions during challenging times.
  • Media Monitoring and Measurement: Gain insights into monitoring media coverage, measuring the impact of your media relations efforts, and adapting strategies based on data and analytics.
  • Social Media and Digital Media Engagement: Explore ways to leverage social media platforms, create engaging digital content, and enhance your media relations efforts in the digital space.
  • Pitching Story Ideas and Media Campaigns: Develop the skills to pitch compelling story ideas and media campaigns that capture the attention of journalists and result in meaningful media coverage.
  • Engaging with Specific Media Outlets or Industries: Tailor your media relations approach to specific media outlets or industries relevant to your non-profit’s mission. Learn strategies for targeting and engaging with niche media audiences effectively.
  • Media Relations Best Practices: Discover a comprehensive overview of media relations best practices, including ethical considerations, building trust with journalists, and maintaining a positive public image.

Choose the topics that best align with your organization’s media relations goals and ACDC will tailor a training program that suits your needs. Our expert instructors will guide you through each topic, providing practical insights and strategies for successful media relations.