Media Skills Coaching

Using a problem based interactive methodology the media training facilitators’ help participants focus on strategically interacting with the media to advocate and promote development issues and activities. At the same time, participants learn to tailor their messages to the specific needs of international and local media and the audiences they are trying to reach.

Aim of the Workshop.

Build media skills of spokespersons so they can use the media in a pro-active way to build their organization’s image, reputation, and identity.

Learning Format

Our fully equipped multi-media enabled training sessions enhance the feedback on the live interviews conducted by TV, radio and print media journalists who critique participants’ performance, providing tips as we go for how to create a stronger impact. The best interviewees are usually those who have had a bit of practice. From story outlines you have given us in advance, we will run you through an interview – with increasing degree of toughness if that is what’s needed. You get to do long, short, opposition like interviews and learn to stay on your message.

The session features tips and strategies for:

  • staying on message,
  • responding to tough or unexpected questions, and
  • maintaining control of the interview.
  • what makes a good TV, radio or print story?
  • how to take control of the media agenda
  • making the big announcement
  • in the hot seat – interview practice with working journalists


This training targets Chief Executives, Press Relations, Corporate Affairs, Communication Directors, and others whose role is to represent the organisation’s position on the media.