Audience Targeted Messaging – 5 hours

When it comes to messaging, one size does not fit all. Knowing what to say and who to say it to, are undeniable cornerstones of an effective strategic communications plan. Unfortunately, these two pieces of the puzzle are often the hardest ones to figure out. Most organizations do not have the resources to waste on scattershot communications strategies. Effective messaging is about sharpening the focus and making a few strong points that key audiences will remember and act upon.

Overall Aim of the Training

The training helps participants craft messages targeted at specific audiences.  Audience targeting and messaging complements and expands upon specific sections of the Strategic Communication Training and gives participants a more in-depth look at the audience segmenting and messaging process. We make the process of developing messages simpler, more efficient, more effective, and a lot more fun by breaking it all down into simple steps.

Workshop Objectives

Participants learn how to select a very narrow, targeted audience – one that reflects the goal they are trying to achieve and will be most likely to respond to their call to action. After this training, participants will know what it takes to persuade any audience.

Participants leave the training with a deeper understanding of:

  • Audience targeted messaging. Messages that consider the values and core concerns of the target audience are most effective and are most likely to move that audience to act.
  • How to create concise, compelling message points that will resonate with their target audience. Good messaging has no more than three main points, and ACDC introduces participants to our easy-to-use messaging tool and various messaging stages.
  • How to turn opposition messages to their advantage by asking simple questions – e.g. Who are my opponents? How will you respond if my messages are opposed?
  • How to package different messages for different purposes – e.g., elevator speeches, brochures, news etc.
  • What not to do. Messaging isn’t just about what to do to message effectively. We walk participants through the “sins of messaging” – communications killers that weaken a message and make it harder to persuade an audience to act – so that none of our clients wastes a shilling on ineffective messaging.
Cost: Kshs. 6000