Empowering Participation and Driving Social Change through Innovative Communication Approaches

At ACDC, we are at the forefront of harnessing emerging concepts and approaches in participatory communication. We believe in the power of active involvement, collaboration, and inclusivity to drive social change. Our expertise lies in utilizing innovative strategies to empower individuals and communities in the communication process. Here are some of the approaches we specialize in:


We recognize that communities hold invaluable knowledge and expertise. Through co-creation, we facilitate collaboration between communication practitioners and communities, enabling them to jointly develop messages, campaigns, and initiatives. This participatory approach ensures that communication outcomes are relevant, meaningful, and effective.

Participatory Photography and Video

Our expertise in participatory photography and video approaches allows communities to express their perspectives, document experiences, and share their stories. Through participatory photos & video, we enable individuals and groups to actively engage in the production and dissemination of video content. This approach amplifies marginalized voices, fosters community engagement, and drives social change.


We offer innovative ways to engage audiences and drive behavior change. We integrate game elements and mechanics into communication interventions, making the process interactive and enjoyable. By harnessing the power of play, we motivate participants to actively participate and adopt desired behavior.

Participatory Evaluation

We believe in the importance of participatory evaluation, where stakeholders, including community members, play an active role in assessing communication initiatives. By involving those directly affected by the interventions, we ensure that evaluation processes and findings are co-created and owned. This participatory approach promotes transparency, accountability, and learning.

Partner with ACDC to empower participation and create meaningful social impact through innovative communication approaches.