Storytelling For Non-Profits

This course emphasizes the power of storytelling in non-profit communication. Participants will learn how to create impactful narratives that connect with audiences, inspire action, and effectively convey their organization’s mission and impact. The course covers techniques for storytelling through various mediums, including written content, visual media, and social media platforms.

Specific objectives

  • Increase participants’ knowledge and use of some useful tools to identify, record, write stories of success.
  • Engage in some practical skills building activities for selecting and writing stories of impact.
  • Learn how to compile a success story – by using indicators, follow steps of identifying a success story – one that has been experienced by a substantial; or those that exceed expectations of the project.
  • Approaches of working with beneficiaries to identify stories of impact.
  • How to write anecdotal stories
  • How to use photos to tell the stories of impact
  • How to use animations and infographics
  • Prepare an action plan for sharing and disseminating stories of impact within your organizations and with other stakeholders.