Communicating Science And Technical Information

Sharpening Communication Skills for Scientists, Researchers and Technical Personnel

How do you effectively develop your scientific message so that it has the optimal chance to be accepted for publication? How do you communicate your science in an oral presentation? How much text is appropriate for a poster? What are some guidelines and tips for dealing with the media? Communication is an essential part of science, research and technical knowledge and a crucial component for a successful career as a researcher.

The ACDC Communicating Science workshops are designed to address the needs of scientists/researchers in communicating technical information to those outside and inside their immediate field.

Objectives of the Training

  • Equip the participants with several practical tools and techniques so they can communicate the results of scientific work for sustainable development.
  • In addition to disseminating research and knowledge, science stories trigger audience to action.
  • Bridge the gap between science and society; dialogue with policy makers; establish and maintain rapport with media and strengthen science to science communication.
  • Increase adoptions of innovations and scientific discovery at the community level
  • Create visibility, consensus, trust.

ACDC provides two courses customized for scientists, researchers, and other technical program staff.  Your organization can request for one or both of the following trainings:

Communication Skills Course

This two-day course develops written and spoken communication skills.

  1. The ABCs of Communicating with the Public:
  2. Telling a Science Story: Whatever the format, content or aim, communicating science to the public means knowing how to turn it into a story”.
    • The Power of Storytelling
    • From technical reporting to story narration
  3. Knowing the medium of communication:
  4. Delivering scientific talks using visual aids and pictures – infographics, posters, pictorial communication – powerpoint presentations, photos, video, animations, among others

Communicating Research through the Media

This training equips researchers/scientists with basic media skills and helps them become comfortable with the media while gaining control of media interviews. Coaching is offered by journalists from television, radio and newspapers, who will also respond to questions from researchers. – top

Topics covered.

  • what makes a good TV, radio or print story
  • how to take control of the media agenda
  • making the big announcement
  • handling difficult questions
  • organising a good media release
  • in the hot seat – interview practice with working journalists